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Failed to update package bbmustache from repo hexpm

Can anybody help me? I installed rebar3 on windows 10 using the git command when i run .\bootstrap.bat in rebar3 directory i get this error. C:\Users\55219\rebar3>.\bootstrap.bat Dependency providers already exists Dependency getopt already exists Dependency cf already exists Dependency erlware_commons already exists Dependency certificate already exists Evaluating config script "c:/Users/55219/rebar3/_build/default/lib/rebar/src/rebar.app.src.script" ===> Verifying dependencies... ===> Failed to update package bbmustache from repo hexpm script: exception error: no match of right hand side value {error, {rebar_app_utils, {missing_package,<<"bbmustache">>,<<"1.10.0">>}}} in function erl_eval:expr/5 (erl_eval.erl, line 450) in call from escript:eval_exprs/5 (escript.erl, line 869) in call from erl_eval:local_func/6 (erl_eval.erl, line 572) in call from escript:interpret/4 (escript.erl, line 780) in call from escript:start/1 (escript.erl, line 277) in call from init:start_em/1 (init.erl, line 1190) in call from init:do_boot/3 (init.erl, line 888) C:\Users\55219\rebar3> I couldn't find any references to help me.

Use https://github.com/erlang/rebar3/discussions for discussions now

Please post your questions to https://github.com/erlang/rebar3/discussions

rebar3 dependencies on github: branches now main instead of master. Already fixed?

I just added a dependency in from github to my project.: https://github.com/zadean/htmerl.git rebar3 does: git clone git://github.com/zadean/htmerl.git .tmp_dir885760416158 -b master --single-branch but github is now expecting: git clone git://github.com/zadean/htmerl.git .tmp_dir885760416158 -b main --single-branch So branch master is changed to main. I don't want to start a discussion about software and PC - wrong place here. BUT I am using rebar 3.9.1. Is there a switch/option to change the branch name of the git repo? Is this fixed or possible in the latest version? Best Regards Markus

rebar3 eunit symlink failure

This has started happening more and more and so far the only workaround is to `rm -fr _build` which is of course irritating as I have to then wait for everything to download and rebuild. The problem is something to do with a symlink: ``` $ rebar3 eunit rebar3 eunit ===> Verifying dependencies... cp: symlink: [email protected]: File exists ===> sh(cp -Rp /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/newcomment_h_test.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/activate_h_test.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/activate_impl_SUITE.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/newcomment_impl_SUITE.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/#newcomment_h_test.erl# /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/messages_test.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/lifecycle_test_SUITE.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/.#newcomment_h_test.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/rebar.lock /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/utils_test.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/dbms_SUITE.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/testhelp.erl /Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/test/comment_impl_SUITE.erl "/Users/sean/Documents/code/erlang/scofblog/_build/test/lib/scofblog/test") failed with return code 1 and the following output: cp: symlink: [email protected]: File exists FAIL: 1 ``` I have no idea what I did to make this happen, I've been working on this particular project for a while without issue and then without warning it started happening. I don't have any idea of a cause other then could it be related to me writing EUnit tests that fail a lot before I get them to pass?!?!?!

Installing rebar3 on Windows

Dear community, I would like to know how to install rebar3 on Windows, using the Powershell (or any other tool). I've read the "Getting started" and the instructions for Windows users, but somehow don't seem to be able to get it running. In the instructions I get stuck at the last two parts: "make a file using notepad.exe with the contents of the .cmd invoker for escript to run rebar3 (provided in this document below) open a new command-line and type rebar3" Is there someone who'd like to help me out? I'm not really sure what the .cmd invoker for escript does or how it works. I'm also not entirely sure about the last instruction "open a new command-line and type rebar3" in the sense; do I do this using Elixer (iex.bat) or just the regular Powershell path? I get the following error: iex(1)> C:\Users\ewoud\bin$ ./rebar3 local install ===> Extracting rebar3 libs to ~/.cache/rebar3/lib... ===> Writing rebar3 run script ~/.cache/rebar3/bin/rebar3... ===> Add to $PATH for use: export PATH=$PATH:~/.cache/rebar3/bin** (SyntaxError) iex:1: keyword argument must be followed by space after: C: iex(1)> ** (SyntaxError) iex:1: unexpected token: "~" (column 32, code point U+007E) As well as this one in the regular powershell command line: ./rebar3 : The term './rebar3' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. C heck the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again. At line:1 char:1 + ./rebar3 local install + ~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (./rebar3:String) [], CommandNotFoundException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException Any help is appreciated! Thank so much. Ewoud

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Node connection attempts

Hi, I recently upgraded to Erlang 23.0 and updated the version of rebar3 I was using (leading to "rebar 3.14.0-rc1+build.4633.refb5d107c2 on Erlang/OTP 23 Erts 11.0"), and at least one of these changes, together with what I imagine are newer relx conventions, led (if I understood well) to the 'start' option of an (OTP) release not to exist anymore, being replaced by either 'foreground' or 'daemon'. I preferred 'daemon', then noticed afterwards, in the VM logs, connection attempts to the VM happening each second, like: =ERROR REPORT==== 20-May-2020::21:58:22.484965 === ** Connection attempt from node '[email protected]' rejected. Invalid challenge reply. ** The failure occurs because my release updates its cookie when starting up. What I cannot explain is whence such connection attempts come (some kind of watchdog?), and what is their purpose; I think 'heart' relies on longer periods (and is probably not enabled), and anyway I do not think this was happening before these version updates. So any hint appreciated, as it seems that it will attempt to connect once per second till the end of time. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Olivier.

All the documentation is broken

Release specific sys.config and vm.args

Hello, I have an umbrella project with multiple releases specified in `relx` config. Is there any ways to specify release specific `sys.config` and `vm.args` ? Something like for release A use `sys.config` located at `apps/projA/config/sys.config` and for Release B use `sys.config` located at `apps/projB/config/sys.config`. /prakash