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Unexpected error caught in rebar_core when setting logdir

I added this to my rebar.config as I only wanted the current run and I wanted them in the project root folder to make it easier to .gitignore and also make them visible to me:

 [{keep_logs, 1}
 ,{logdir, "./ct_logs"}]

When I run with rebar3 ct I get this error,

===> Uncaught error in rebar_core. Run with DEBUG=1 to see stacktrace or consult rebar3.crashdump

and taking that advice I get a stack trace (at end) which seems to indicate that the "last" folder, a symlink, couldn't be found. If I "rm -fr" the _build folder the problem goes away for one build but then comes back, it's almost as though there is a hardcoded location still looking in the default location for that symlink.

Have I done something (probably) wrong in my configuration ?


===> Uncaught error: {badmatch,{error,enoent}}
===> Stack trace to the error location: